How to Use Our Ceramic Bond Diamond Polishing Pad for Concrete Floor?

concrete ceramic polishing pads

About our Ceramic Polishing Pad for Concrete Floor, suggestion is as below:

After #30, #60 metal bond concrete grinding segment, grouting with #120 metal segment, densify with chemicals.

Use our 100 grit 3 inch Ceramic Concrete Polishing Pad, the floor is very flat and hard under RPM 500, the life and scratch pattern is perfect.

This is our experience.

Do you have such experience?

If you use it wet, the life will be obviously longer than dry use, we also offer Dry Using Ceramic Polishing Pad.


  • Control the floor grinder speed at 400-500 RPM
  • No additional weight on the grinder
  • Stop the machine if burning marks appear in the flooring profile.
Check the burning marks where the curing compound has built up on the ceramic pads and scrape off the burning marks before continuing.

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