Self-Propelled 45 Degree Automatic Cutter Machine

Self-propelled function
Per rail length is 1440mm, rails can be added
Buy now, you will get FREE water pump and 3m water pipe

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Raizi Stone Seam Seter

for Seam Joining & Leveling

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raizi sink hole saver

Raizi 4' 6' 8' Sink Hole Saver

Perfect solution for strengthening cutouts, backsplashes, and other fragile pieces

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Diamond Hand Profile Wheel

Top Diamond Quality

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Knowing More About Diamond Cutting Blades With One Essay

Raizi Online Store

Cutting and grinding, the two most aggressive procedures in your fabrication process, have a large room for labor, time and money conservation by employing high-quality products. Raizi diamond saw blades are designed in and produced with premium raw materials and high-end technologies, equipped with longer life and more consistent performance than others in the market to better fulfill your various needs. Today we are going to introduce to you these saw discs in four different parts:

  1. Specialized discs for certain kinds of material;
  2. Discs for general usage;
  3. Discs for special demand;
  4. Postscript: spare parts and special designs;

Raizi Tool — An Exhilarating Corporate Awayday!

Raizi Online Store
On May 20, 2022, all the members of Raizi Tool Co., LTD took an awayday for team building activities at Lanhai Yiyuan Ecological Garden. From cooki...

6 Tips for Choosing Diamond Polishing Pads

Raizi Online Store
Here are 6 tips for choosing polishing pads: 
  1. Pads for material(material character and color)
  2. Pad size
  3. Pad thickness and flexibility
  4. Use wet or dry
  5. How many steps you want
  6. Special requirements