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"Sharpro"Concrete Transitional Polishing pad
Diamond polishing pads  are divided into  granite polishing padsmarble polishing pads and quartz stone polishing pads according to different materials.  
Diamond polishing pads are divided into wet polishing pads and dry polishing pads upon different site application whether the water is needed or not.
Diamond polishing pads are divided into 3 step polishing pads, 5 step polishing pads and 7 step polishing pads upon different fabrication steps and wanted luminosity. If you need more gloss, one more step-- buff pads may be needed for the last step.
Igloxx designs and makes a full line of diamond polishing pads for different applications. Resin bond Wet diamond polishing pads are usually used for polishing granite, marble and quartz stone in stone fabrication workshops. They are also working well for wet polishing of concrete countertops.
Dry diamond polishing pads allow convenience of jobsite touch-ups for polishing marble and granite without water. PhoenixTM dry diamond polishing pads are widely operated for dry polishing on concrete floors and countertops.
Metal bond diamond polishing pads are lasting longer and more aggressive than resin bond diamond polishing pads. They are operated for wet polishing on hard granite and concrete.
Special diamond polishing pads are available from Igloxx.com as below:
  • Diamond polishing pads for engineered stones
  • Electroplated diamond hand polishing pads for glass, marble and concrete
  • Electroplated diamond flexible polishing pads for fast removal of material on marble, glass and concrete
  • Triangular diamond polishing pads that work with multi-master power tool to get into straight angle corners.
  • Convex diamond polishing pads are for polishing curved area on natural stone.